Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Today I was able to finish work early, so decided it was time to go and visit with Hannah. We had a bit of a catch up and were able to sort out a few things. Not happy to hear from her that she has seen Shawn a couple of times...they will lose the kids all together if this persists, the silly buggers!! She too is very worried about him...but what can we do, he won't listen!! Anyways I am going to have the kids in a few weeks time for a weekend just to give Hannah a break, she looks great but is very tired. Was delighted to have mega cuddles with little Shayden, he is really growing fast, at 9months old he is standing on his steps yet thou. Isn't he a cutie? Skye was at pre-school and Jaydene was at kindy so I missed out on seeing them.
I have had a great day....lots of phone calls, lots of messages on Facebook, some lovely gifts....and some time for me.
Even Shawn came out tonight to gather up some gear, reminded him he is getting no help from us anymore...he is on his own now. Will feed him but no more money lending, not letting him go poison himself more with dope and booze. He had a face a mile long, but I have to be strong...tough love they say!
Tomorrow I am having Simon and Tracey's 4 kids overnight...aged from 7 years down to 2.5 years....its going to be awesome. Sheymus turns 4 tomorrow so we'll be able to have a little party for him.


  1. Happy birthday Jen. I'm glad you had a great day. Have a great weekend too.

  2. Happy belated birthday!

    Tough love sounds the answer, it certainly won't hurt him.

  3. belated birthday love Jen, so glad you enjoyed your day! xxxxxxxxx