Sunday, January 04, 2009

Tomorrow night

mmmmm I just wish I could be.....BUT I have tasted goal, I felt awesome and I was able to stay there for months AND now I want that feeling back again. Since the 27th I have been back on track (except for a few bad moments yesterday) and tomorrow night I am planning to keep myself there by heading back off to weight watchers meetings. I have my friend, who is also my sister in law joining me.....
Even with all this crap going on with Shawn and Hannah and the possibility of them having the kids put into foster care has not sent me off track, or maybe I have just realised no matter how much I worry and stress what will be will be.
So here I go again...will add my stats tomorrow night......
Its Monday night and I am just back from weight watchers.....the new program looks great..will be reading it all up later tonight and trying it for sure. Now my weight, wasn't happy with that at all.....but it will be all down from here.
Start weight...and going by ww scales (mine are lighter) .... 75.0 !!!


  1. There seems to be alot of us heading back to WW's! Good luck with it, I'm going back too.... in a week or so.

  2. Glad your sister in law is joining with you - makes it that much easier!

    Looking forward to your progress - you can do it!

  3. good on ya jen. we are all heading back this week i think. a great start to a new year.

    rach xx

  4. I lost my comment and in my dotage cant remember what I typed 5 minutes ago. Damn damn damn.

    Seems we have had a similar light bulb moment over "emotional" eating. I am having lots of mind conversation with myself.

    Is the new program called "momentum". I got an email from US Weight Watchers and they mentioned this program.

    Good luck this week.

  5. I'm going back to WW straight after our holiday. Sad and hard for you all with the problems with Shawn and family.

  6. Oh well... at least with your weight being up a little bit it is going to give you something to work on this year... Well thats what I keep telling myself anyway...hehe
    You are not alone lady....