Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year....

Wellllllllllllll I hope it will be anyways......

Yesterday things with Shawn and Hannah came to a head with an almighty EXPLOSION!!!!! Won't go into details but Shawn spent the night in jail. He had to go to court this morning and get his rap over the knuckles. But HOPEFULLY now.....I am not counting any chickens yet as I have been disappointed with Shawns promises so many times before....but it looks like it might work out for the best for him this time.

He says it is definetly ALL OVER with him and Hannah this time....he is now single....and he is going to smarten his act up and get off the dope. As I said before...we'll wait and see....

He also has to face Department of Child Protection for a breach of the AVO in the next few days. The kids are at the moment been taken into their care and Hannah is in a refuge. I just hope he doesn't lose any access to his kids because of this because no matter how bad that his behaviour is no-one can say he doesn't love his kids....

On the tracking front since the 27th I have been as good as gold.....not once have I gone over my point allowance....I am determined to get back into the 60's again and damn well stay there....

Been as hot as hot these past few days....thank heavens the packing shed I work in has a huge industrial pedastal fan right next to where I work...certainly would not have survived without it!!

New Years Eve....and we are home. I will be sleeping in the new year I guess...usually do, we are not the party type though sometimes I just wish we could go out and do something....maybe next year ehhh....

All the very best for a happy healthy New Year


  1. Shawn will sort himself out...sometimes it takes something like this and some "me" time staring at 4 cell walls to ram home what is actually important in the big scheme of things:) Well done on sticking to your tracking all over this period...bloody good going!! I didn't go anywhere either for NY eve, so you are not alone there:)

  2. Sorry to hear that Shawn is in this position...
    Here's to a better year for him and yourself!
    As for the 60's... I lost them the last week or so ago!! Damn it all... I'll find them again..I hope!

  3. Love your picture "Happy New Rears" to us all LOL.

    Well done on sticking to your plan during these trying times. Hope things are a little more settled now.

  4. I do hope things improve for Shawn now.
    You have been too hot, we haven't even started summer yet. I'm beginning to wonder if we will have one at all.
    Happy New Year Jen!

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR Mate, I hope this year does not bring any more trouble. ... and your son finally gets himself sorted.