Monday, January 26, 2009

Public Holiday

Being a public holiday today there will be no weigh in for me tonight. Maybe thats just as well because I had a "blow out" on Saturday night. Got a craving for chocoalte so I ate it, then ate some more...and then more.....
But Sunday was back on track and today as well.....I want to see those numbers on those demon scales go down when I stand on them next Monday evening.
Have had a great long weekend so far, done nothing and been nowhere...have just pottered around here doing nothing much at all....been very relaxing. Managed to read a few books, play on the pc and read some blogs.....and still have a few more hours yet to continue doing nothing. Even managed to get outside and do a bit of sunbathing, after spending most of my time in the shed at work it was lovely to feel the sun on my skin.
Even Shawn has been reasonably well behaved....but heyyyy I won't say anything too much as we still have this evening to get throu. Just wish someone would come grab him and take him away and lock him up in a rehab centre somewhere and dry him out...the dope is really starting to effect him more than ever ....


  1. Your weekend sounds like mine...nothing much doing at all. Nice and relaxing though!! I hope Shawn behaves for you!

  2. Isnt it nice just bumming around doing nothing in particular and having nothing in particular to do. Im doing it too. Z xx

  3. It was a public holiday here too! WE did bugger all too... and I lay in the sun too! Hope your son can turn his life around eventually mate.

  4. Lovely to enjoy a "me" day.

    Like Chris, I also hope Shawn can turn his life around.

  5. I luuuuurv chocolate..and yes... there is still naughty food in my pantry to be eliminated before Monday... hehehe