Saturday, August 15, 2009

Holiday and other stuff......

This is a picture of one of the monastery at New Norcia
This is a pic of what they call London Bridge at Sandstone

This is the Great Central Road, the road across the desert.
We started our journey from home here in Australind (near Bunbury, Western Australia) and day 1 saw us drive from home to Mt Magnet where we stayed overnight as we had to meet up with our travelling companions who were travelling from Geraldton the next day. Our journey was going to take us from Mt Magnet to Leonara, across the Great Central Road taking us throu Warburton and Giles before crossing the West Australia/Northern Territory border.
We were all travelling in 4x4 trayback vechiles with canopies on the back. Under those canopies we were all self-contained with all our food, beds, etc... Of an evening when we pulled up for the night it was a matter of undoing the back, pulling out the table and chairs, the stove and gas bottles and in matter of minutes we were organised and cooking. Think I have some pics somewhere of us all set up somewhere....anyways as I find them I'll write more of our trip.
Home front is going well. Been a long week at work, geeeee was very tiring after being away from it for 6 weeks but I managed. Food and excersise has been reasonable and I have stayed on track, will see what the scales say on Monday evening.
Have had a few runs in with Shawn and hopefully that helped him and Hannah to make a decision on Friday when they had to go to court on Friday about their kids. They have finally decided to work together towards getting their kids back......and more importantly part of that deal is Shawn trying to get off the drugs. Anyways we will see what happens now.....things have a habit of changing rapidly around Shawn, and with DCP too for that matter.


  1. Great photos Jen, I'm going to enjoy seeing more of them. Fingers crossed Shaun and Hannah are able to get something worked out. Z xx

  2. If only Shawn would put his kids first.. then he might have a chance of getting them back.
    Your photos are lovely, you obviously had a great time.