Monday, August 10, 2009


Just a few pics from our holiday.

Today was my first day back at work....and on arrival I was welcomed back with opened arms, was nice to know I was missed! But by the end of the day it was a tired and grumpy me that left work. Forgotten how tiring it was just standing there grading carrots all day. Only home long enough to have a cuppa and then shower before heading off to my ww meeting. As expected I DID gain, gained 3 kilo's soooooo it bac to the grindstone and lose it again. Not in any real hurry, just want it gone, then stabilise and maintain my weight! I want to look the best for Kylee's wedding.

Had a busy weekend, organising myself after our holiday, packing away the camping gear, cleaning up the garden, stocking the pantry, paying the bills and fighting with Shawn. Didn't take long to come back to the real world ehhh?

Shawn has gotten worse, if he doesn't watch himself he is going to lose everything dear to him. Had to tell him on the weekend to grow up, get rid of the drugs as we can't help him any more. He was so moody, irrational, argumentive and paronoid, I despair as to what he is going to do next....he is living in a unreal world. Don't know what is going to happen next....

I am missing his kids so much, I haven't heard anything from DCP as to my request for visitations, its so not fair.
Anyways off to organise myself for another day tomorrow....


  1. Loved seeing the photos. Would love to hear a lot more about your travels! Maybe when you get time you cold do an entry on where you went?! It never takes long to realise you are back in the real world after a holiday. So sad about Shawn, and also sad for you not seeing those little kids.

  2. Great photos...that is where we want to go next holiday!! Might get some tips off you:)
    Sadly there is nothing you can do for Shaun at this point in time. I fear losing all and getting to the very bottom of the pit is the only thing that will maybe help him to see what he is doing and try to make changes.

  3. Those photos are gorgeous!
    And that bloody son of yours needs a kick in the bum! He obviously does not want his kids back.
    I am so sorry for you and the kids.

  4. Sorry I was so blunt just then...

  5. Hey need to be sorry, that bloody son of mine needs more than a kick up the bum, even losing his kids isn't making him straighten spoke the truth! He needs professional himself, he won't listen to all of us that love him.

    Will try over the weekend Anne to post more of our trip....

  6. Great photos again. Dont worry about the weight gain - you know what to do.