Friday, August 28, 2009

Bugger !!

Have for some reason been eating....and eating what I shouldn't be eating and I must admit today it got out of control...god damn it, I hate it when I do this to myself!! I know I am doing it, know I shouldn't but I just can't control myself!!

Anyways now I just HAVE to get myself back on track.....have 3 days before weigh in so here's hoping a bit of damage control will help!

I guess this with Shawn has affected me more than I thought it would....he seems to be constantly on my mind.

Anyways have put some pics up of our trip again....this time its Ayers Rock.

I didn't climb it, people were like ants all up it so decided to do the 9.7k walk around it, and so glad I did....its magnificent. Some of the rock formations, art work, and even a pool there are absolutely fantastic. The walk took us about 3 hours, what with all the things we stopped to look at, take pics of and just generally took our time talking and sightseeing....

I recommend the walk around to anyone that goes there.


  1. Jen, these photos are awesome - I had no idea it would be so strangely beautiful. And sometimes it's just so hard to get your head in the right place - you know what you should do but you just can't make it happen - gee we all suffer from the same thing - you'd think someone would have invented a pill by now! Love Z xx

  2. Emotional eating.... it's one of my worst problems too!
    That rock is amazing!

  3. Your pictures have made me want to go there. So many places so little time! I know what you mean by eating even though you know you shouldnt - I am twinning you on this side of the continent and will be in damage control until Thursday weigh-in. So many good intentions - so little willpower (me not you). I am thinking of you.