Thursday, September 03, 2009

Am here....

My new p/c which is just 6 months old has died....apparently the hard drive has gone in it. I am NOT happy.....all my photo's have gone !! All my babies pics....gone. Have some of them on disc, but not many.....I hadn't learnt how to do any back ups.....ohhhhhhhhhhhh why didn't I learn?
Anyways maybe when I get the p/c back it might not be as bad as I was told.

Received a letter from Shawn, and a phone call too....he seems okay, very worried about his eldest child...apparently she was told her Daddy is not going to be her daddy anymore. Shawn has of course filed a complaint....but sheeeeeeeeez how cruel is this department??

Weigh in was MOnday, lost another kilo....going down but still a long way to go.


  1. What a real pain re your computer!!!

    How sad and terrible for Shawn's eldest to be thinking that!

  2. Computers are such a pain but we would be lost without them. Somebody needs to pulled aside and spoken sternly to. How dare they say that to a child.
    And finally, well done on you loss. I put on 300g this week - not going well.

  3. Who the hell would say such a dreadful thing to a child? I'd be furious.
    I hope your precious photos can be retrieved from the dead computer.
    Have a great weekend mate.

  4. Just caught up on your latest posts! Beautiful photos....I would love to see the Olgas. Sorry to hear Shawn has been a pain in the arse are going to have to be strong there and leave him to his own devices for a while.
    Congrats on the weight loss too!!