Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 1.....again.....

These pics are from our holiday...this is the Kings Canyons and would have to be my favourite part of the trip. Me and Tina did the 3 hour walk up, over, throu and down the canyon.....and loved every minute of it. Wowwwwww we just climbed that!!
But heyyyyyy it was so worth it....lookk at that !!

And this !!

Just look at these rocks....

Tina and I up on the highest point of the Canyon, quite proud of our efforts to get this far.

This picture shows where we got to climb over and throu...but if the sights we see are what we have already seen it will be well worth it.

Loved this cliff face...just look at the colours, they were fantastic, sometimes a camera just doesn't do justice.

Clamber up and over these rocks, around the corner and its the down hill run....only a few more k's to go.

The path on the way down....and boy we were glad we did the 3 hour was fantastic, worth every minute of it.

Today was the day I finally got my head around this menopause crap again. I woke up this morning after having one of the best nights sleep I have had in a while, so decided there and then it was the day to get my backside into gear AGAIN and start trying to get myself back on track. With that I dressed, put on my joggers and went for an hours walk, came back and had a filling breakfast...and yayyyy I have managed to stay on track all day.

Stay away hot flushes....I feel good about myself again and ready to deal with the ongoing battle I have been having with these extra kilo's I have gained.

Maybe if these hot flushes persist I might go back to my Dr and see if I can go back on HRT again. Was on them for over 2 years but went off them as they just weren't giving me any relief from the flushes, the itches and the persistent bleeding.


  1. Pictures are amazing.. glad you felt so much better and wow, what a climb :)

  2. I enjoyed seeing the photos! We are hoping to travel to Perth next year and tour about - is this close to you??

  3. Well done on day 1 again. Keep perserving.

  4. Love all your photos, though that cliff face one scares the crap outta me! I don't like heights that much!
    As for the HRT... maybe you didn't get the right one for you last time if it didnt' work! Mine took two weeks to start working, but It's great now.