Monday, August 17, 2009

Just a bit more...

Just a few more pics for you.

These pics are from the time we crossed the WA/NT border and reached the Olga's.

Those stones are enormous and very empowering. The first sight of them is just beautiful, the colours are very vivid and changeable with the light and shadows....a camera just does not do them justice. They have a powerful aura that just draws you into them.

We spent a good couple of hours walking around and through them as well as driving around them, and the whole time they kept us spellbound. They are amazing.

The weekend just absolutely flew by and we managed to achieve quite a bit in catching up on chores that were neglected while we were away...mainly the garden. The weather was really yuk, with wind and showers all weekend, but in between the showers we managed to get a fair bit done.

Also had a big blow-up with Shawn last night. He rang up in tears asking to speak to his father and asked for his father's advice as he and Hannah had had another argument! To cut a long story short his father told him bluntly the only thing that would stop the arguments was for him to stop the drugs/booze and all his troubles would go. Shawn didn't take kindly to it and and started to abuse us saying very cruel, unkind and very nasty things to us in the most vilest language. I was a mess, in tears and have now vowed I will not be going near him or for that matter talking to him again until he can prove that he has made moves to give up the drugs. I ám now scared of what he is capable of doing to himself or for that matter us.


  1. Oh Jen- feel so much for you. You always love your children - but sometimes it's hard to like them very much! Many many years ago in Scotland our village minister - who had a bit of a wayward son - used to say to my mum - It's easy to love your children when they're doing well and being good - the challenge is to love them when they're not. But I think your husband was right to say what he did - at some point Shawn will have to take responsibility for his own actions - it's the only way he's going to manage to move forward. The photos are glorious - thanks for sharing Zxx

  2. Happy to hear you are back after what looks like a fantastic holiday... BUT... sorry to hear you have come back to so much crap from your son...
    I have no advice for you at all as I have never been in that situation...
    Isnt there someone you can talk to? just to help you get through this...someone who knows about dealing with a drug addict? I really hope he gets his act together before he does lose everyone around him...
    Chin up.. you have done all you can to help!

  3. Lots of hugs Jen. I know what it's like having been there. It's hard to fathom how they take the path they do when they've been raised the same as the others. We all have choices in life. It's up to each one of us to make our own choices. We cannot be held responsible for their mistakes or made to feel guilty and take blame.

    Hang in their Jen. You do have a wonderful family. Shaun knows it too and your husband is right.