Friday, May 20, 2011

Time to get real....

p.s.  woohooooo.....just got a phone call from mum...thank the lord all is ok, nothing to worry about :-)

Last night, for the first time in a month, I managed to get to the local weight watchers group I go too. I have been going there for now for nearly a year, BUT I was astounded to notice in my weigh in book I have ONLY lost 1.3 kilo's  (being night time weigh ins makes it look worse than my weekly morning weigh ins) !!  Worse though is that I have lost and regained 8 kilo's in that time....sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez it is like....

what the Fuck am I doing.....

It is about time I got my act together....I seem to want to lose the weight, do all the right things but when "life" happens and I want to hide from it, I hide in of course begins the yoyo progress again. Last night I was so down and out about it all after looking at my progress (or lack thereof!), I decided enough is enough, time to get lets see if this time is the right time and see if I can do it!!


  1. Oh I so relate Jen - I got a good few kilos off last year then there was the big Europe trip and then the Scottish trip and nearly all of them went on again - I've got just over two of them off again - but that's my entire progress year to date. I keep trying to kick myself up the ass but while I'm not really bad I'm not really good enough either. But I guess the good thing is that as long as we are focussing on it and berating ourselves for not doing better I think it means that it doesn't get too far our of control Good luck buddy Zxx

  2. I'm beginning to think it might be a chemical imbalance in women of our generation. I am yoyoing like a world champion lately and it really is beginning to irk and depress me. Hang in there - at least, as you say, you seem to want to loss weight and that is one of the main steps. Great news about your Mum too!

  3. i think we can all relate to that sweets, its never easy and just when you think youve got it figured life throws a curve ball and your back riding the yoyo.