Friday, May 06, 2011

Legs are improving

Who's a pretty boy then??

black cockatoo in my banksia tree
 Alls going well. The legs are improving daily, I am doing more each day without pain. I actually went into Bunbury yesterday, and what a delight it was to zip a pair of boots up over my legs. Before the op the only boots I was able to wear were ankle ones as my right leg was always swollen and about 3cm bigger than the other. I love boots...and will be buying some more when I can start earning a wage again. I am loving this not working, but also  looking forward to going back to work. Love the new job, and espesially the shorter hours and I somehow do not think I will be going back to the farm. If I do go back it will only be one day a week...just for the $$$'s I can wear boots might need those $$'s !!!
Talking of $$'s...yesterday I paid out quite a few as we have decided to fit solar panels to the house in the bid to eventually save some $$'s. From all reports from family & friends that have already decided to do is so worth it.
Have mum coming here for Mother's Day on Sunday, my brother is bringing her up. Mum has been seeing her Dr recently as she had some growths (moles) that were worrying had them cut off. Her Dr run some bloods test & ordered ultrasounds on her as well as the results of blood tests showed her liver is not functioning properly. Ultrasounds done unfortunately don't show enough so Mum has to come up here to Bunbury and have more tests. As you can imagine it is a big worry to us, Mum has had liver cancer and had a huge fight to recover from that in 1994, she is now lot older and getting very frail. Might be worrying over nothing too, fingers crossed we are...
Have been using my new camera a lot of late....just happened to spot these noisy black cockatoo's the other day having a feed in some banksia tree's on our property....


  1. I hope your Mum is OK and the tests show nothing major. Have a wonderful Mother's Day Jen!!

  2. Fingers crossed for your mum.

    Good to hear you are improving:-)