Saturday, January 14, 2012


mmmmm this is what I indulged in last night !!

I went to Mandurah to catch up with a very good friend I met through the ww site, we had a great catch up and indulged in a lovely healthy lunch at the Dome on the waterfront.  It was lovely as it was a very hot and humid day.
On arriving home, hubby & I decided to have a late dinner as it was soooooooo hot which was great as it was only to be steak & vegies. But when I went off to the kitchen to prepare hubby came wandering in and says "how does pizza sound" ?  Now he NEVER suggests something like that, welllllllllllll very rarely anyways so thats what we did.
It was simply deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevine !!!  Just thinking about it is making my mouth water !!

BUT why didn't I stop at just the pizza? 
 I don't know!!  
I could blame the fact that I didn't take my thyroid pills yesterday BUT I can't coz I know it wasn't just that reason.
I KNOW it was because once I treat myself to something I decide to throw caution to the wind and indulge myself more. It seems to be "you know a little more won't hurt" and so thats what I did.  And now I hope I haven't just stuffed up what was to be another great week. Today, and till next weigh in,  I am making sure I am eating ONLY Simply filling foods and tracking every little morsel.



  1. Slowly but surley we will learn and eventually we will get there :)

  2. To be honest, I think there are times when you should allow yourself to indulge. Yes, we are trying to lose weight, but does it have to be at the expense of living ? Provided you can get it back under control before one evening of truly enjoying what you ate, turns into a day or a week of bingeing. I know that you can d this - back on the horse and off we go !

    Love hugs and positive energy

  3. Enjoy it, track it, count it, accept it. move on ... :)

    Don't dwell on it, don't beat yourself up about it


  4. You will be OK. Look forward, not back xx

  5. I have to watch it with pizza too. Makes my tummy sick!