Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Simply Filling

After a great week on Simply Filling, and I used up all my bonus 49 points too....I LOST 2.3 this week. I am wrapt!!
Hope that this week it doesn't go all pear shaped and I don't lose at all !!
Think a lot of it is that I am not snacking as I am content after my meals PLUS I have Shera who is making me up my exercise that bit extra. She is a very exuberant puppy who loves her walks and plays, I get towed for the first 30 minutes of our walk!!

Next week I am off to Melbourne to help Kylee drive back home. She has a job starting here on the 30th so she will be leaving Melbourne before settlement of the house. Kylee did have someone else to help her make the drive but due to her having to leave early they can't do the trip and I am NOT having her do the trip on her own!  
So this week I am hoping for another great week as I think the following one will be "full on" driving with not much exercise.


  1. Jen way to go!!!! that's a fantastic result.. well done..

    I can't wait to find out more bout this plan.. (I'll msg you btw) :)


  2. Wow - what a great loss!

    Hpe Kylee is doing ok. She has an amazing supportive mum & dad:-)

  3. Awesome loss Jen - you will be feeling on top of the world!! Z xx

  4. Weel done - what a great loss !!! Keep it up and those kgs will be gone in no time.

    Gotta love having animals that help you to exercise.

    Have a great day.

  5. Fantastic work Jen! your plan sounds great, and less hassle not having to track every single thing. Drive safe on your road trip xxx

  6. Well done Chick! You must be wrapt with yourself.