Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Puppy sitting Shera

ahhh water, I love water...

C'mon play time...

Rest time..just for a few minutes
Shera is settling in fine without dear daughter. I thought she would fret for her "mummy" but so far she hasn't. 
I walk her every morning, can't get out of my walking now can I?
Unfortunately have we no secure yard so she is tied up while I am at work, or busy in the house as she does wander, and I just couldn't bare to have her wander, she doesn't know the area and is not all that road savvy!!  While I am home I spend as much time as I can with her playing....and then when I am working I walk her before work and I spend 45 minutes after work playing with her, throwing balls or on a hot day like today playing with the hose.
Poor puss has had his nose put out of joint having Shera here. All Shera wants to do is play but Doog just arches his back and spits at him. Shera bounds around him, getting as close as she would think with all the spitting & snarling my cat does Shera would get the message.....but nahhh she doesn't. Going to end up with a scratched nose methinks!!

I am back on track, having gained a kilo over the Christmas/New Year. I am still using the ww simply filling plan and  enjoying it. Will see what this week brings, weigh ins are on Tuesdays.


  1. Gorgeous puppy :)

    How are you finding the simply filling plan? I do want to try it one or two days per week and see how it goes..


  2. Our two dogs love to play in / with the water from the hosepipe - sometimes we spray them in the back yard when we get back from walking and they are both panting and can't seem to cool down !

    Have a great week !