Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Birthdays

January is a month full of birthdays for me.
It started on January 1st with my ex-boss, then the 6th was my sisters day, 7th was my grandaughter Jaydene who turned 5. The 10th was Simon, the 11th was Pauls, and the 12th was a very good friend of mine Zoe who also was my workmate for 4 years.
The 16th was another grandaughter, Jessica reached double numbers and turned 10 and on Friday Shawn's partner Shaz will have her day. And lastly on the 21st is a friend of mine who lives in Victoria's birthday. I am hoping to catch up with him while I am there. He is suffering from Parkinsons Disease but so far his general good health and medication is keeping the disease fairly well under control.

On Thursday afternoon I fly to Melbourne to help Kylee finish packing up her house and possessions all ready for our drive home the following week. Kylee has her last shift at her work on Sunday.
She had a phone call from the human resources manager of Woolworths in Bunbury and Kylee will start work in a brand new Woolies store just a 6 minute drive from our home on the 30th of January. She will be working in the bakery section and is very excited about the job....new store, new job....new begininnings. So here's hoping the removalists arrive on time and we get on the road and have a trouble free trip across. Its going to be a long drive....but I am looking forward to the time we will have together.

Weigh in this morning....a stay the same.
Now I just have to keep it together during the next 2 weeks and don't blow it !!


  1. TRavel safely and take care ! Well done on staying the same - keep up the good work.

  2. whoa Jen :) lot of birthdays..

    please be careful the pair of you while traveling home.. will be thinking of you both.. and looking forward to lots of photos and reports when you get home..

    Anne :)

  3. Busy birthday month for you. Hope Kylee's move goes well.