Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A good week ....

Well despite a week filled with drama's I managed to lose 600grams...very pleased about that!!

A lot of the drama's have been to do with Stephen & Kylee...won't go into them all but Kylee has found out that Stephen had been unfaithful before they split and he is now expecting a child with someone else. Hubby & I are very upset about this as right from the start of this breakup he said there was noone else and it had nothing to do with Kylee being unable to have kids without treatment!! So you can all imagine how my girl feels.

Well acually by all, its very quiet out in bloggerland...I didn't even get a comment last week...

This gorgeous little puppy above is a bit bigger now. She is Kylee's dog Shera (a retrieverdor..part retriever & labrador) and she flies in on Friday with Kylee. Kylee is home for Christmas and New Year then flies back to Melbourne to pack up the house ready to move back home as soon as settlement is sorted. Shera will be staying with us...we are doggy sitting.

Well best get myself ready for work.


  1. Well done on the loss !!! Not sure what is happening as I haven't received notifications of your last three posts !!!!!!! No wonder you haven't had any comments.

    How sad for Kylee - that is just awful. Thinking of you all at this time !

    Your house won't be the same with Shera around - have fun with her. Dogs certainly add to a home.

    Have a great week and take care.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your girl. It is so hard to watch isnt it? Well done on the loss - I think I have given up for the moment. Take care of you and yours..

  3. Well done on your last couple of losses.

    I'm sorry to hear about the dramas with Kylee. That is so sad and I hope she is coping alright.

    I hope you have a wonderful christmas just all being together and supporting each other.

    Much aroha to you and yours.