Thursday, December 01, 2011

Wedding pics

The gorgeous bride and her dad

The groom and his best man and groomsmen

The lovely bridesmaids

Our bestest friends and parents of the bride

Luke and Jemma with their gorgeous daughter Marlee

Josh Kennedy, one of the groomsmen and West Coast Eagle footy star with his god-daughter Marlee and me


  1. What lovely photos - so glad you had a good time !

  2. I love the colour scheme!
    My niece got married by the beach and they all wore jandals (flip flops, thongs?) and shorts too!
    Well, the guys wore shorts!
    You look lovely in your outfit too, I don't know what you was worried about.

  3. I love the black and white theme too.

    Lovely photos. Tell me was there only three bridesmaids to ALL those groomsmen!!!!!