Thursday, December 29, 2011


Daughter and her Daddy
 Dear daughter arrived safely....on the 23rd, as did Shera the dog. Kylee has spent most of her time in and out catching up with family and friends. Yesterday she did go around to all the Woolworths stores and hand in her resume. Fingers crossed she gets a position, casual, part-time,  full -time she doesn't care!
Santa, the christmas kitten
 This little cutie wandered into our yard on Christmas morning while we were having breakfast on the patio. I looked at Kylee as she has a habit of bringing home stray animals...but she said it had nothing to do with her. Anyways it was friendly, litter trained but starving so we fed it and cuddled it. Would have loved to have kept it but having a cat already, plus Shera,  and another cat arriving when Kylee moves home permanently we decided to give it to our little grandson Matthew. He did ask me for a kitten or a puppy for Christmas.
And this our Shera, well she will be ours for a month or so from the 2nd January when Kylee flies back to Melbourne and packs up and waits for settlement on the house. 
She loves to walk and I already have got into the habit of putting her harness on and walking her first thing in the morning.

I didn't weigh in on Tuesday after Christmas, but did have a quick peep at the scales...a small gain but hopefully now I have reined myself back in and got back on track after all the Christmas festivities by next weigh I hope to have lost it again.

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  1. What a shame you couldn't keep the kitten, it's so cute.
    And I don't even like cats!
    I hope your daughter gets a new job soon, and everything sorts itself out for her.