Friday, January 18, 2013

Going on holidays

yay....we are off on holidays over the weekend.

Have packed, and tomorrow we load up the Toyota and then wait for our good friends to arrive....and Sunday morning we'll be off. We travelling with the same people we did our Tasmania and Northern Territory holiday with.
Its only 2 weeks this time and we'll be heading to Augusta and slowly working our way from there to Esperance following the coastline. 
Lots of scenic walks like the one above to do, lots of fishing, lots of sitting around the camp just chatting and enjoying the relaxing time.

Weigh in was last night at our little meeting, a 200g loss.
Have packed lots of good healthy food to eat whilst away and going to try my best to come back with no extra weight. 

See you on my return....although I am taking my Ipad, so I might even manage a post on my holiday, depending on free wifi.


  1. Have caught up with your blog. Trust me to wait until my holidays are nearly over to sit and read what my dear friends are up to.
    Enjoy your holiday and come back rested.

  2. Hope your holiday was great. I'm trying to get back into blogging regularly and dispose of 10kgs this year. Xx