Tuesday, September 10, 2013


 Tomorrow afternoon after work, it will be home, shower and off up to Perth where Kylee and I will have dinner with her man....then we will climb on a plane and head to Melbourne. 
When Kylee left there after her marriage breakdown and the sale of their home, she just up and left and didn't get to see goodbye to a lot of her friends. So these few days will be spent catching up and seeing those people and showing off the "bump" of her little man.
 I had foils, colour and cut yesterday all ready for the trip....it was getting long, all the greys were showing and was in a bad need of a cut. I can tell you it was was very much needed....and made me feel a lot better.
Chris, Dietcoke Rocks.....this is my camera, or one very similar to mine. Mine is a Sony dsl 380 and I have had it a few years now. I love it, its very simple to use and heaps of settings to choose from. It suits me.
It is a 55-200 mm lens, 18-55mm lens which was part of the package...and I also bought a macro lens which the closeup pics of the flowers are taken with.

I return from Melbourne late Monday afternoon....and on the Tuesday it is back to work for me and also also back to ww meetings for me. 
I have been floundering....since I stopped ww when my husband retired. I had to figure out how our finances were going to go, but regardless of whether or not he gets his pension or not...I am going back to meetings...I will go without something else if need me. 
Since I stopped after getting back into the 70's I have now regained it all plus more.
But...I will get back there again....

Right its back to housework....things to be done before tomorrow. 

cya on my return.


  1. Have a wonderful time (I'm sure you will because who wouldn't in Melbourne ?)
    'See' you when you get back !!!
    Have a great day !

  2. Have a good trip home and thanks for the info on your camera... it's not a brand I have even looked at! The lens you have are pretty much what I want too.

  3. Have a wonderful time with Kylie in Melbourne (my favourite city after Sydney) and showing off the baby bump.
    Isn't it amazing how a great hairdo lifts our spirts.
    Love the camera too. Have asked for one for my birthday but am not holding out much hope. They seem to think that I am hopeless taking pictures and a better camera wouldnt help.
    Oh well one day I will buy it myself.

  4. Nothing like a new hairdo to make you feel so much better!!
    As for the weight thing.. I know what you mean.. I was 84.8kg a couple of months ago and thought NO AY am I hitting 85... this morning I saw 80.2kg... Keen to see the 70's again I can tell you!! I know you can do it and so can I!!!