Thursday, July 21, 2016

Going better...

I did go visit my Dr re: the overwhelming grief…. a talk with him helped and I now go to see a lovely lady at the "wellness clinic" when I feel everything is just too much. 

Another thing I have done is rejoined ww….  I didn't think I would be able to focus on it, but on the advice from my Dr I am going. Weigh in today a loss of 1.4  Last week I gained 1.8 and the week before lost 1.2 soooo in the 3 weeks I have been going I am slightly in front. I am just taking it one day at a time. No stress.

I have my lil man here…and of course his Mummy. Little turd has well and truly hit the terrible 2's…. but I love him just the same..   Doesn't help that he has picked up on the vibes that Mummy and Daddy are not together and their is trouble between them. It may get worked out…but I sorta hope it doesn't …. what he has done will be done again as he has done it once before. Trust has been broken BUT its daughter's decision to make, not mine. 

Anyways….off to sit by by nice warm fire. Its bitterly cold here today. 


  1. Sending lots of hugs to you. It's hard when our children are not happy and we have to stand back and let them make their own decisions.
    So glad you have found someone to talk too - it can make such a big difference.
    Well done on being ahead on your weight loss journey. I've joined WW as well - I go with my SIL each week - for me the accountability of that weekly weigh-in makes such a difference (except when it doesn't !!! LOL)
    Have the best Friday and weekend that you can xox

  2. I am also thinking of restarting WW again, said I never would join again, but it was the only thing I had success in....... Sorry to hear about your daughter and partner, so hard to try and stay quiet at times.