Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Need those cuddles.....

Yep....certainly do. My moods have been like that song...swing high, swing low sweet chariot.....

I have had a reasonable week.....full of highs with bub being born, seeing all 10 grankids Sunday....wowwwww that was great, lots of cuddles. Food wise was great, tracked everything, even all the celebration foods and drinks. But then hubby tells me I am sleepwalking to the pantry and eating in my sleep!!!! He caught me the other night. SHIT...how long have I been doing that for ?????

I used to sleepwalk when I was a kid according to mum, espesially when I was anxious or worried about something. Wonder if thats what my trouble is, coz things aren't running too smoothly healthwise. I saw a health care nurse the other night, when I couldn't get in to see my Dr and she seemed to think it is.

The op I had hasn't worked. ohhhh the prolapse has, but the bladder hasn't.....and whatever they have done internaly hasn't helped in the "bedroom" activities department...its just to darn painful. Why I don't know but hell on the 30th when I see the specialist there better be answers.

Going back to my at home weekly weigh ins, I need them, I am just not coping with these monthly weighs. I had my monthly ww weigh in last night.....and it wasn't pretty, was over the 2 kilos allowed over goal weight.....so yep I have some work to do. Hubby's 60th birthday party this weekend....and daughter flies in on Thursday....so its going to full on...


  1. i really do hope you get some answers when you see the specialish Jen.

    Happy 60th to Mr Jen for the weekend.

    ohh and dont fotget to take time ou for you sweets, sometimes it does up the world of good when things are getting us down.

    Erica xxx

  2. Jen you are so right. We all need cuddles and Im sending you one now.

    Ring your specialist and ask him to ring you back (you can never speak to them straight away). Pain is not a good thing.

    Have a great weekend and happy birthday to the main man in your life.

  3. How lovely to see all your grandchildren at once!
    Sorry things aren't good for you healthwise. Maybe you could get into your specialist sooner? Ring them and tell them you have pain and they should get you in sooner.

  4. Here's a great big cuddle!! No wonder you need one - you're having a real shitty time. Hope you get some good answers from the specialist. Love Z xx

  5. I've been meaning to say for ages, what a wonderful grandma you are, and how lucky they are to have you - with all those wonderful cuddles and the time they spend with you!
    Best of luck with the specialist appointment

  6. There's something on my blog for ya :)

  7. So sorry to hear the surgery hasnt helped...
    As for pain in the bedroom dept... thats not on... demand answers NOW!~!!!
    Lucky to have so many grandies to get cuddles from.. too cool..

  8. Bummer about the op not being 100% sucessful... hope they can sort it out for you. Pain in not good...