Friday, July 25, 2008

Day off....

Not a real lot happening......been a bit down in the dumps on and off during the week. I was going to do a "fast-track" course and follow a dream I had of getting back into hospital work again..... (years ago before kids....I was training to be a nurse, and I loved it).....and train as a Patient Care Assistant. Well that dream went "poof " .... I did not get into the course so I am still out at the funny farm doing my boring mundane job. Have a day off today as the work out there is slowing down due to a break in the plantings....have finished one crop and have to wait a while before the next crop is ready to harvest. While I am off today, am going down to my hairdresser and get her to re-cut my hair. I had a cut and colour on the the colour but they sure made a real muck up of the cut.....they just gonna have to fix it today if they can !!!

I need the break anyways, and while I am off I can look at other options open to me regarding work, as work I have too.....a morgage to finish paying off yet (its nearly there!!) and dear hubby and I want to retire with SOME money in the bank so we can enjoy some time together travelling.

On the weight front....well we won't go there, the emotional eating bit has come in to play again....but I am trying to control it. Gave a friend a ring who is a ww lifer like myself and told her what was going on....great friend that she is has been giving me a lot of support and trying to keep me on track.
Is it just me or what but is blog world gone a bit quiet?? A lot must be hibernating with winter.....but heyyyyyyyy I really don't blame them, I am sooooooooooo feeling the cold and can't wait for the weather to warm up. It has been so cold and wet lately in the mornings....I can't get out and walk before work and I miss that!! Have a couple of DVD'S I do, but its not the same......

Shawn.......wellllllllll he has been okay. When he can get over his "woe is me" attitude and realise if he wants to get anywhere HE has to put the effort into it he may get somewhere.....till then he'll get no-where. One day he may wake up to himself....thou I have my doubts. He had the kids for a few hours on the thing I don't doubt is he's love for just shines out of him when they are around


  1. Hope you find another work option in the field you want.

    You are right - blogland has gone quiet.

    Love the photo of Shawn and the kids. All you can do is be there and fingers crossed he comes out of this ok:-)

  2. Keep looking I am sure you will find something soon. The cold is really getting to me too - eating is a bit out of control but I while I am keeping an eye on it I am not going to stress about it just yet. Lovely photo of your son.

  3. hehe just look at bubba boy looking up at dad adoringly, too cute!!!