Sunday, June 12, 2016


Today I have been overwhelmed by emotions….its just all to hard. 

Today has been one of those days…..1 year today since Paul told us the terrible news that he had terminal cancer. 
Today I have cried, I have screamed, eaten a mountain of chocolate and cried some more. Tears are still running down my cheeks, just can't seem to stop them.
Its nearly midnight, I have work tomorrow but I just can't sleep….my brain won't shut down and let my body rest.
It's sux…its unfair

This 12 months has been a total nightmare…and I think today it has all just caught up with me. The grief is terrible, its just caught me up and is consuming me. 


  1. Hi Jen

    I hope you can feel a bit better soon, you have had a terrible year..I hope things will be better for you and your family mother is nearly 94....

    Take care


  2. There are no words to take away the pain. I'm just going to give you a virtual hug!!! And know I'm thinking about you!!!!


  3. Feel for you Jen. Also might be worth a visit to your doctor or a grief counsellor to help you find some strategies to cope with your pain. You've really had too much to deal with and it often helps to let all your pain our to someone who isn't emotionally involved. Thinking of you xx

  4. Thinking of you Jen - you've had the year from hell. There is no easy way to get through it but grief counselling could help (it did with me) hugs