Saturday, December 24, 2016


Christmas Day tomorrow and hubby and I will spend it alone. 
Tanya has gone up to sisters in Geraldton and going to stay up there till the New Year.
Simon is as far as I know spending his at home as Tracey is working. Things are not too well up there, don't know whats going to happen there. 
Shawn…well he is going through a troublesome stage again, homeless and wandering the streets, sleeping on "friends" couches.
Kylee and Garry can't make it down this year due to the fact she had time off this year,  using her annual leave to have her op….(btw she is looking bloody fantastic) 

We did get to spend time with Tanya and Tracey and all the kids over the weekend and during the week so we have exchanged gifts and had cuddles. 
Shawn came out this evening, raided the fridge, used the shower, borrowed a backpack, loaded it up and left again…so we know he is ok..

Anyways….to one and all….

MERRY CHRISTMAS, blessings to you all xxx


  1. Hi

    I hope you had a rest at Christmas, you have has a stressful year, how much weight has Kylie lost ?



    1. Will put pics up soon…but Kylee has lost over 25 kilo's now.

  2. WOW!!! good on her ! (very jealous of course )