Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happier New Year

How I have missed these two ladies over the festive season so much.
Its been the worst and the quietest Christmas I have ever had. Saw most of the family in the week before Christmas, but Christmas Day right up to now the only family member I have seen is the troublesome son…(who is in the shit right up to his eyeballs, stupid idiot!!)
Christmas was kept alive with Kylee sending video's of the little man on Christmas…and on his birthday 2 days later. The 1st christmas and birthday we have spent without them being here. 
yeah felt very alone….thankfully Ted and I get on real well and we enjoy each others company…so we made the most of it. Done nothing, been nowhere….other than up to his mum's,  daughter, son and brother's graves Christmas eve. 
Both of us were missing our Mums…usually go and see Mum just before Christmas, which I did but this time I decorated her grave. Had lunch with brother and sister as we always do but this time there was a chair empty at the table. And we usually have a family get together up at Ted's mum's, all taking a plate of something and having potluck…

Ohh I did catch up with the gorgeous Rach between Christmas Day and New Year, a friend I met many many years ago at WW…we have remained in contact even though she has moved over East. On Friday we had a catch up…so lovely to spend time with her again. 

Today is New Years Day…another day just Ted and I. Went to bed early and slept in the New Year. 
Mooched around the house and caught up on some chores. And ate.
All my hard work with my weight loss has been blow to smithereens as all I have done is eat eat and eat some more. I know it doesn't help me, just makes me more miserable but I still do it.
Tomorrow I WILL get back on track….and see if this is my year to get back to the land of living…instead of just existing. 

BTW…pics of daughter….so proud of her. It was very brave to admit she had a big problem with her weight. Very hard to admit to herself that she and her weight weren't helping her with her POCS and having more children. I admire her courage in having this op and giving herself a chance to have more children…and if she can't….giving her good health to run after the little one and her stepchildren. 
 She has gone from this…………..
 To this………………………...

 I am a very very proud Mum.  

A Very Very Happy New Year to you all…..
May you all enjoy good health, happiness and joyful blessings. 


  1. Congrats to your daughter!!!

    Sometimes a quiet holiday is what we need to recover, heal and just learn to move on!!!! Hugs to you!

  2. Hi
    I have an elderly mother too, and this is the first year she couldn't come out, she is 94 and now in a nursing home...Kylee looks AMAZING....I used to go to WW for years on and off but never managed to lose anything much. I tried something else and I managed to lose 14 kilos two years ago and was going well, but with my mother getting ill and looking after another family member I managed to put 7 kilos back on...I am starting again now...I find sticking to 1250 calories really works..



  3. With your large family I'm gobsmacked you spent Christmas and New Year alone! That sucks.
    Kylee is doing amazingly well! She looks fantastic.

  4. Well done to your daughter! She looks great!