Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trying yet again !!

Well thats a good excuse, wish that was my reason….the only reason I have is food is my comfort and I eat till I overeat…then stuff in some more!!
Joining ww didn't give me the motivation I needed…just been wasting my money…and now with my roster being changed yet again to fill in for others on holidays I can't make the meetings. 
I am just so over myself….I am heavier that ever….over my start weight when I started ww in 2004/5.
So what am I going to do….I ain't a quitter as you know…
Well my dear friend Deb had a operation on her shoulder, then went on holiday for 6 weeks and due to her recovery and the travelling she has gained big time too. During her recovery from the op she didn't walk….and soooo of course I didn't walk much on my own, not much fun when you have no-one to jabber too…..someone that you have been jabbering and walking with now for over 20 years!! 
Deb had been doing the 5:2 diet before her shoulder started paining her so we both giving that a go. I watched Deb loose weight on it last time she did it so I know it works….so yep here I GO AGAIN !!! Day 2 today, a fast time and allowed to eat only 500 calories….all good so far. 
Another friend started it last week and had a good loss so hey its worth a go….PLUS daughter dear is now in double numbers, she is 30 kilo's down now…she going to be lighter than me soon...

The troublesome one is giving me heaps of stress….why can't he see the big fuck up that he has made of his life?? Told him today after I helped him out yet again with food and a few dollars that today was it….NO MORE, I wipe my hands on him until he decides to straighten his life out.  Can't help him as he won't help himself…he can't see that he needs help actually…..other than bludging of me is what he considers help!! Hubby would kill me if he knew how much I have helped him. 
I don't want him near me at the moment…I love him dearly, but I don't like him one little bit!! He seems to think as parents we SHOULD help him out even though he is 34 !!! Nope…tough love is gonna happen. I am not going to let him threaten my health any more. 

Extra motivation….and its my mantra now. 
I want to lose 15 kilo's (more if I can) in 10 months. That works out to be 1.5 kilo a month…very realistic and very doable.
And the reason….we are off cruising again,….Fiji here we come at the end of October. We fly to Sydney and sail out of there again. 
Should have waited a bit before I booked it as I know prices will go down. This cruise is only 11 days and they usually cost about a $100 to $120 a day…this one is a little bit more. Ted reckons we been ripped off….but you know what I don't care, its paid for and we going. 
Life is too short not to get out there and enjoy. We have learnt that….and it was hit home again on Saturday when we had to say goodbye to another close friend. 


  1. Good luck with the new weight loss plan! You've got a clear goal in mind (your trip) which should help keep you on track for sure!!!

    Hugs to you about the other issue (son right?)

  2. you sound like me!!! I need to get my A into Gear too!!! And yes we have another cruise booked also... and yes 10 kg (15 would be nice but I cant see that happening so aim for 10 lol)
    would be nice to get rid of before I go.... I have 12 months as of 2 days ago before we leave sydney for another NZ trip....