Saturday, February 04, 2017

5:2 and more….

Well 5:2 is going well. Last weigh in was Wednesday and that showed me another loss….thats now 4 kilo's in 3 weeks. 

Today has been a bad day for me, I have eaten way too much. My stomach is distended and sore…and I am angry at myself. I had a early shift this morning and from the time I opened my eyes I felt off…just couldn't get it together. Teary, snappy, unhappy for a reason I couldn't figure out till tonight. Today Mum's headstone would have arrived into the monument workshop. It will only be a matter of putting the plaque on and fitting it, hopefully we see it up in the next few days. 
Ted's mum's has been restored as she rests with Ted's Dad and his brother. It was looking very tired so instead of the new one they recommended we followed Teds mum's wishes and had it cleaned up…it looks new. 

Isn't my girl looking good…not the best pic but I love it. So proud of her. 

 Kylee and Garry and my wee man came down last weekend. Garry had a interview for a bakers position in Woolworths. They were very happy with him but he told them he could only move down if Kylee was offered a position too. With a few phone calls to other stores in the area by Garry's boss to be by Friday Garry and Kylee were told they were to start down here on February 20th. They will be working in different stores but hey they both have work.
The bakery in Carnarvon was put into lockdown while they were down here due to unpaid rent. All the shops there are in similar positions..but Garry and Kylee have really been struggling for awhile. They owe thousands….but hope that selling ovens etc from the bakery that will help with the debt. 
They both agree it was a blessing in disguise…they now can move forward to a brighter future. 
So next weekend we are hooking up our big trailer to the 4x4 and heading up to load their furniture etc and bring down here. Kylee and Garry should be packing up as I type and will have the house done by the time we get there next Saturday. 
A new addition will be coming down with them. William's little mate River…now renamed Riba as the young man can't say River, it keeps coming out as Riba..
Its all working out well..the renters in Kylee's house move out on the 15th so they will only have to stay with us a night or so till her keys are handed back. 
 Isn't he just too cute…and of course so is Riba 

Monday 6th…

I answered a reverse charge call from the troublesome one at breakfast this morning……Mum I am in the shit again, I stole a car that someone had left the keys in, I have to go to court again !!!! 
Me ... you damn idiot…haven't we taught you better…
Operator……that is one minute, do you wish to extend the call accepting charges of $4.30 a minute.
Me…… no and hang up.

Later I hear from a friend he also had 2 ounces of drugs on him too and also will be charged for possession. 

When will he learn, why won't he listen to us. We only had him out here for a night the other night, we talked and talked and thought we had got through to him. But once again drugs win, drugs mean more to him than us or his children apparently. 


  1. Jen, that's awesome news that they're coming home. I can understand tough times, but they are young enough to make a fresh start. You will be in your element having them so close. She's looking fantastic too.

  2. Fantastic news about the kids coming home, even if they will be financially struggling for a while. As for your troublesome one... some people never learn mate. You just have to be there to pick up the pieces sadly.