Monday, February 20, 2017


What a week….
 Last Friday we took up to Carnarvon and moved daughter and co…
Haven't got a real lot of stuff…..mmmmm one load overfull, another trailer full they had to tow after borrowing a trailer….AND putting some on a pallet and freighting down….
Anyways they are here now.   They had to wait to Friday 4pm to get the keys back from their house as the tenants left the place in a pigsty. It still smells strongly of the incesest they burnt continuously in there…
BUT they are slowly getting everything in there…and should spend their first night there tonight.
They both start work tomorrow. One has a early morning shift and the other a afternoon/evening so William won't be in constant care. They are putting him into daycare 2 days a week for social interaction with other kids. 
Me…I am travelling along.
I am having my odd moments where food is still my emotional friend…
On the road travelling for 4 days food choices weren't the best….but I survived by doing 5:2 and only gained a little. 
This week has been different. 
Troublesome one rang me the other day from JAIL…he is in. He is on remand, has no idea how long for..said it could be 2 weeks or could be 2 years. Sorry son…I am not visiting. I do not want to see you in lockup. What do you do….stress, then eat then move on…he chose to go the pathway he is on. Hoping with a few friends in the know that he can get into a few programs that will help him go on the straight and narrow. 

Other son is having big time marriage troubles. He is out and about and not dealing with the situation very well at all. Tracey isn't the easiest person to live with….no matter what he does it is wrong and she don't care who hears what she has to say about him, she puts him down constantly to everyone…even us!! 

Anyways…I must suck up my emotions…and get on with it. 
I can't fight their battles for them….I can stand by and support them, but the choices are theirs to make. 


  1. I'm glad Kylee's home, you'll be able to give each other support. Sorry to hear about your boys.. especially Simon. So hard to watch them go through this, but as you say all we can do is stand by them and support them. xxx
    Things are going okay here. My brother is moving out next month. He's been living with us since before mum died. He's found a new lady and proposed to her on my birthday. Happy for him, and happy for me as it will mean it really will be time for me and Mr T on our own - completely.

  2. Family dramas are such hard work. Sorry to hear about your boys.

  3. Yay to having your daughter home!!!!!

    Sorry to hear about your sons marital problems! That has to be just as rough for you to watch him struggle!

    Keep your plans and goals in mind and watch the stress eating! (Yeah easier said than done!)

  4. Try to enjoy having Kylee and family home... and as for the others... it sucks! Family drama is so stressful. I've got shit going on here too... only for once I can't eat!