Saturday, October 27, 2012

Time and time I try.....

.......and lately time and time again I fail and let myself down.
I know what I have to do, I plan, I plot, I track....and then again I let myself down and indulge. Then think...damn done it again, ohh welll finish it off and start another day tomorrow. Then tomorrow I do it big vicious never-ending circle.

I was going so well for a while there till menopausal hot flushes began AGAIN , along with the damn hot flushes, the mood swings, the dry skin, itchy skin and all the other hormonal crap. Saw my doctor and he put me on some new meds....but I have had to take myself off them, they just made things worse.

Heck knows what size I would be without all the excersise I do....I am loving all the beach walks I am managing with Shera.


My daughter has returned from her European tour and she has spoilt me rotten...these handmade my favourite colour. Some gorgeous perfumes and beautiful clothes.
Kylee had a trip of a lifetime....loved every minute of it, but is so happy to be home. Lots of memories for her. She is reliving them at the moment as she shows us all her photo's and diaries. 

Time to go...and draw up yet another plan, another menu...and hope one of these tomorrows I find the balance I need to lose these kilo's I need to.


  1. Hugs Jen, you can do this, you know that.. just one day at a time.. don't pressure yourself.. :)


  2. I'm exactly like you! It will happen again, when our minds are ready to accept we HAVE TO.
    So glad Kylee had a fantastic time.

  3. So glad to hear that Kylee had a great time - gotta love getting away on holiday !!!
    Jen - my muffins really depend on what I have in the fridge. Generally I put in bacon, onion, zucchini, green pepper, mushrooms, spinach,whole eggs and egg whites (if I have any. First time we made them we just greased the pans - bad mistake !! Second time we made them we used patty pans - still not that great. Next time we make them we are going to try using two patty pans and greasing the inside one - will let you know how that goes !!
    Have the best day - all you can do is your best - just keep trying !!
    Lotsa hugs