Monday, October 01, 2012


 These are pics of the kitchen before...forgive the mess but this was as I was packing up minutes before hubby decided to wreck the place.  Things were EVERYWHERE !!!  But look at the daggy old shelves, I had no cupboard was so out-dated !!

These were taken this morning...nearly everything is done. The pantry door is going, we have a new one and that is being painted the same colour as the cupboards. Haven't got our new splashback yet as we are undecided on the this stage I have decided on a ice blue colour.  


  1. Oh Jen :) bet you feel so glad this is almost all done, looks great!

  2. ohhh I just love it, I walk out every morning and still go wow !! I love it, and can't wait for it to be finished !!

  3. Looks great Jenny and all that extra cupboard space. Enjoy yourself restocking.

  4. It is looking awesome! Bet you love going in there now.

  5. WOW - what a difference - it looks LOVELY !!!!! I am sure you are very happy with it. I am still loving our bathroom.
    Have the best weekend !