Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A lot been happening

It has been a very busy week. 
Kylee had been up in Carnarvon with her man....who I am happy to say is now her fiancee...he proposed the evening before she left to come home. Her smile says it all.

On Friday I drove down to Manjimup and helped mum finish  unpacking....her little flat looks great with everything in its new home.  Just waiting for the real estate agent to fix a few things. Her fire smokes, her shower needs re-tiling and safety handles to be attached to safety requirements...and to mum the most important her tv antenna needs to fixed so she can watch her  tv. 
I arrived home late and was just starting dinner when Kylee rang...and was in pain, could I please take her to the hospital. The pains were on her right and nearly crippling her. After 7 hours at the hospital, the pain had gone and we were sent home with a ultrasound request form for the next day if the pain came back...or Monday to investigate as to why, the Dr was thinking cysts as Kylee has a history of them in the ovaries. 
Saturday both Kylee and I were dead on our feet...both of us had early morning work starts. (K did go to work as the pain hadn't returned).
Anyways yesterday we did go for the ultrasound.....what a wonderful sight it was to see the baby heartbeat and the lil bubba. Unfortunately it was investigative ultrasound and not a baby one so we didn't get to see bub in 3D. 
K's ovaries are fine, kidneys are fine.....so lets hope there is no more scares like that and whatever caused it has disappeared.

Weigh in day....900g gone...


  1. Congrats on the weight loss :)

  2. Well done on the loss !!
    Congratulations on Kylee's engagement - I hope that they will be very happy.
    Have the best day !

  3. Lots of good news!
    I hope you get to see more of the baby next scan!
    Well done on the loss too Chick.

  4. I've been slack recently reading blogs but lovely coming back to hear such happy news for Kylee:-)