Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad...

Dad has been gone 13 years this year, and special days like today, his birthday,  I miss him so much.

We have just had a long weekend, three days where I have done not much at all...its been great. I have pottered around and done the chores, all the washing despite the cold weather got dry and was aired in front of the fire which I kept going all over the weekend.
I did some cooking, some new recipes out of the new Symply To Good To Good To Be True cookbook....very happy they turned out just like the pictures did and they tasted yummy as well. 
Kylee is on her last day of work today before she has a week off, she is flying up to spend a week with her man. The long distance is a shame, but their relationship is strong despite it...but not without a few insecurities though which I am sure over time will be sorted out.
When she comes back it will be time for her 12 week check-up...and listen to the bubs heartbeat for the 1st time....then the pregnancy will be all so real. Poor girl knows she is expecting though, she has suffered nausea every morning and most of the day, with extreme tiredness and ohh not forgetting the cravings. At the moment its cheese and pickle sandwiches.....and it has been goodbye vegemite and toast for breakfast...hullo strawberry jam and toast :-)

Weigh in today....goodbye 600g.


  1. No matter how long, it sometimes seems like only yesterday when we have lost loved ones. A nice quiet weekend is just lovely especially when it is cold :)

  2. wahoo on the 600g .. you are rocking it!! and as for the long distance relationshiop ... I'm sure you've seen how in love Craig and I still are and we've been together 3yrs now and spent the first year long distance which actually looking back on it made us stronger! We really got to know eachothers personalities without the physical stuff getting in the way. Happy birthday to your long lost dad ... hugs!!

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  4. Sending heaps of hugs your way !!!
    Good work on the 600g gone - YAY !!
    Have a great day !

  5. Well done... ;) 600 g gone..... grinning here for you...

  6. I had missed the announcement of Kylee's pregnancy. So very happy for you all.
    Impressed with 600g - great results.
    Know what you mean about your dad - it has been over 20 years for me and I still miss him so much.