Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Moving Mum

Yesterday morning I drove down to Mum's to help her and my sister start moving house, and as you can see by above pic it was a cold, frosty and foggy morning. Mum has been living in the same duplex for the past 22 years but it has recently been sold and the new owner is waiting to move in. Mum has to be out by Wednesday...and as you can imagine, at Mums age (84 on July 1st) this has been a very stressful happening. Looking at her yesterday, she has become very frail and is very over-whelmed by the changes that are happening in her life. And her poor cat (who is 12 and mum's devoted companion) is very confused as to all that is happening too. Anyways we got all the boxes out and light furniture and up into her new smaller flat. Not everything she owns is going to fit in there...so my cousin, my nephews and some of their friends have ended up with a few pieces of furniture. The flat is as I said smaller, its newer so it should be easier for her to keep clean and tidy. The real estate agent has been seen and there are a few things I want fixed before too much time has passed.
My brother arrives back from a week in Bali today and tomorrow he will be moving all the heavy furniture, mum and her cat into her home.....and hopefully Mum will be able to settle in.

Me, I am slowly getting used to the fact that my husband is going to retire. It is a big shock, as when we went and saw the financial advisor we had discussed that he would salary sacrifice for the next 2 years to bring his super up....but things have just got too stressful up at work and his blood pressure is rising. So its out and retired at the end of July.
He has heaps of jobs he wants to get done around here, my flooring to be finished is one of them.....and then we will see what the future brings. I off course will continue to work, and may even take on a few extra shifts.

Weigh in day today....forgot to do my morning weigh when I first got up...so when I did the scales were slightly up. I have my weigh in at my ww meeting later this morning so maybe that will be better. Not too worry....onwards and downwards to next week. 

P.S. Weigh in at ww showed a small 300g gain too.....but after looking at my  tracker I saw I consumed too much bread....and forgot to take 2 days of thyroid tabs (yes I track those too) 

Onwards and downwards...... 


  1. Hope the shift goes well for your mum. and hope the cat settles in well :)

  2. Let us know how your weigh-in went. :)

  3. It's so hard ensuring that our parents are looked after and settled where they are isn't it ? We are considering moving onto acerage with dual living so that my folks can be close by as they are getting on as well as, while they are completely self sufficient now, there will come a time when that will change.
    I hope that your Mom and he cat settle into their new place soon.
    Pfft on the small gain - it will come off just as quickly.
    Have a great week !

  4. Wow Jen, so many changes happening with you and your family. I hope you Mum has settled into her new home and is happy.
    How's the weight going?
    Hope all is good.

    Thank you for you support via PEPSI, you are a love.