Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Alls well...

Not much is happening in the world of Jen...
Still waiting for Centerlink to organise all hubby's paperwork for his pension, so been living on my wages and our savings. mmmmm its not been easy, what with licenses and insurances all being due these past few months, but we are getting by. Surely it can't be too much longer...

Kylee is going along ok. Pregnancy suits her, I think she looks great. The lil man is growing as he should. Kylee has been plauged by coughs, colds and gastro...so hasn't had the best of times these past few months. She only has a few more weeks of work to go, then she is going up north to spend some time with her partner before she comes back for the birth. For awhile there I was one upset Mumma as they were thinking of staying up in Carnavon for the birth as Garry wasn't sure if he could get away from his bakery. Of course he doesn't want to miss the birth. But he is due for some tests on his hands and has appointments with a specialist in Perth which fortunately are all around bubba's due date. So with that, sick leave and paternity leave he will be down this way for the birth. ahhhh I won't miss out on my newborn bubba cuddles.
After the baby is born, Kylee's house will be rented out and they will all living up in Carnavon. Hubby and I will help organise the house ready for that, then it will be put in the hand of an agent.

 We went for a drive on Sunday out to one of the local water supply dams. It was built in 2002 and this year is the first year it has been full enough to overflow. 

It made for a change of scenery...

I am still going to weight watchers...though the past 2 weeks the scales haven't been moving at all...but I am still attending and working on getting rid of these kilo's. 


  1. What lovely photos !!! I hope Centrelink get their act together soon as well.
    So glad to hear that Garry should be down for the birth of his child - it would be sad for him to miss it.
    Good luck with WW - have the best day !

  2. Glad to see you all get to share the baby cuddles :), and awesome you are still going to WW even if they are not moving in any direction :)