Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Back on track....

View of the show from a ride above the show ground.

I am back on track. I rejoined ww the day after I arrived home from my long weekend in Melbourne. Sad to say the scales were higher by just a little to what they were when I rejoined last time....sheeez all that hard work I did too.  But hey that was then, this is now and I am doing it for the "I don't know how many'th time!!"  I had my 2nd weigh in today and I am happy to report I had my second loss....yep them scales are going down again.

Yesterday hubby and I went up to the Royal Show in Perth, we haven't been there since Shawn was 11 months old...he turns 31 in 2 weeks.   We had a lovely day, just wandering around and browsing. No time limits, in no hurry ... just enjoying our day.
We met Kylee & Garry at the train station in Perth and we were introduced to Garry's twins Jasmine and Alexander, what little cuties they are. Kylee is absolutely besotted with them and the twins seem to think she is pretty special too. 

Kylee drove back from Perth today after spending the evening with Garry before he headed back to Carnavon. She was meant to go to work, but after a day in the sun Kylee woke up during the night with a fever and sunstroke. 28 weeks pregnant and sunstroke = a sick mumma to be.  She did have suncream on and was wearing a hat, but I think she put the hat on too late in the day.

Hubby is enjoying his retirement. Still waiting for Centrelink to get back to him re: his pension. Living on 5 days a fortnight wages is hard work, thankfully we realised payments could take awhile so had some savings put aside for all the bills.

This Saturday we have a big family gathering happening.....been a long time since we have all been together in the one place at the same time. My brother is bringing his fiancee and our Mum up. Sister and her hubby and hopefully her sons, all my kids and their kids, my neices and nephew and their kids all all coming....so lots of catching up to be had.  My camera will be happy...lots of happy snaps happening methinks.

See you next week.....

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