Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Will be packing...

…. up Dear Daughter next week. Kylee is travelling back from Carnarvon tomorrow. Thursday she is getting imprints of Williams hands and feet for a picture like the one shown here. 
On Friday William has to have a ultrasound on his hips, just to make sure all is well there after being a breech baby.  I am sure all will be well, the little imp can kick them quite well when he gets himself wound up. 
Then due to having to start work up in Carnarvon at the beginning of March…we have 2 weeks to pack up her house, ready for the move in 2 weeks.
I am devastated that Kylee is moving…I know she has too, she needs her partner…12 months of a long distance relationship is long enough…and William needs his Daddy. But ohhh I am so going to miss them.
This pic was some professional photo's that were done over Christmas. I gave Garry and Kylee a girl vouchers for their present…and with Garry having his twins down over Christmas they managed to get some gorgeous family shots. 

And this is our wee William asleep in his cot up in Carnarvon….ohh he is growing so fast...
And this is mumma and baby ….geeee I don't want them to go.  
William is still colicky but is so improving, Kylee is coping very well, proud of her.

Have had a great week food and exercise wise. Happy to report a kilo gone… and cms disappeared too. 


  1. YAY for the kilo and the cms that are going - good work !
    Sending heaps of hugs your way -I know how hard it was to leave my folks when we moved countries so I totally understand how you feel.
    Take care !

  2. Congrats on the kilo and cm's gone :), photos are beautiful :)

  3. Oh - he's beautiful. You will miss them! Well done on the kilo and cms:-)

  4. I can only imagine how you will miss them!! Well done on the losses... I really need to measure so i can feel better if and when i actually get motivated again!!! Arghhhh

  5. I hope things are going well for Kylee, William and Garry?
    I was concerned when I read about the 'quick trip' up to Carnarvon.
    I hope the hip check comes out well for William too.