Monday, February 24, 2014

Home again...

 We are home again after travelling over a 1,000 kilometres up the coast to move our daughter and little William…and then a 1,000 k's back again. 
Boy was it heart wrenching walking away from them….I sobbed my heart out….till hubby pulled our vechile over and said you drive, concentrate on that instead of leaving them behind.
We towed a trailer with all of her and Williams belongings…and hopefully as the house she will live in with Garry , his mum and uncle is small it will be be big enough to house them all. They have been renovating, painting etc….and when we arrived the house was turned upside down. I was not impressed with the mess….but I am sure Kylee will get in there and make sure it is cleaned and made healthy enough for William.
Diet…well we won't go there…this last week has been very emotional…and I have eaten every single one of them.
Tomorrow is a new day. 


  1. I know how hard it is to leave family behind - sending heaps of big hugs your way !

  2. It's hard leaving family behind, and hey don't worry about the diet, once things have settled, then hopefully the food will fall into place :)

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