Sunday, March 02, 2014

Time to wake up to myself….

me and my gorgeous niece Tammi
The gorgeous bride Crystal and handsome groom, my nephew Tom
 These pics are taken at my nephews wedding…aren't my niece and nephew just gorgeous…I love these kids. 
Me with Tom and Tammi, my twin niece and nephew.

Family pic.
This pic was my wake up call this morning, I realised how fat and horrible looking I have become….omg what have I done to myself??
Today, I have thought about this pic as I have worked. Farkkk no wonder my feet hurt, and feel so goddamn unhealthy!! I had a few chores to do at work today..chores that I used to find easy, today after seeing that pic I realised why I struggle. 
Tomorrow it has to be 120% on track and as many days as I can thereafter!!
My gorgeous wee little William..

And to end the post…I can't go without sharing this gorgeous pic of my little man William. Thankfully Kylee sends me lots of pics….and we have FaceTime whenever we can.
I really want to be able to run and play with this little man…another reason to lose this damn weight I have put back on!!
I am ashamed of myself…but its up to me now to make those changes again..done it once, surely I can do it again.


  1. You look beautiful, and love that last photo :)

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself beautiful lady, we all go through it, you'll get back there again, you know you can do it

  3. Well I for one know how easy it is to put weight back on. It's so unfair. *sniff*
    But we keep trying and that is the main thing eh?
    Gorgeous photos of the wedding, and of course Master William.