Thursday, March 20, 2014

William is growing up….

11 weeks and look what I can do

This little man is the highlight of my life at the moment, thank heavens Kylee keeps in regular contact and sends me all these little snippets of William.  I miss them so darn much.

Been a very topsy turvy week. Last Thursday I caught up with my nieces for coffee…and left before lunch as we had an appointment at the post office to submit forms for our passports. On the way home my mobile rang…I checked it and saw it was hubby, so I pulled over as I don't have hands free in my little car to answer him….and he said would I go to his mum's instead of home as I was needed there. He reassured me his mum was ok….BUT i knew something had happened as hubby very very rarely even turns on his mobile!
And it was bad news…hubby's Aunty Coral, his mums younger sister had passed away. She was nearly 87. Hubby's mum is nearly 89 and of course that news has upset her very much….so a lot of our time this week has been spent with her.

Exercise has been good so far this week again…but food…pfffffft…
Hopefully once the funeral is over, life might go back to normal again. 
Why is that whenever there is any stresses in my life I eat….yet my mum and my sister tend to forget to eat!!  I must take after my fathers side of the family….my mum reckons I do, and remembering my Dad's sisters I can see that I do…

Anyways…as per usual I haven't given up.  I have just under 12 months to lose the weight…as the cruise IS BOOKED !!

We fly to Sydney from Perth and board the boat on the 16th March next year.  We go to NZ, stopping at Wellington, Picton, Dunedin, Dusky Sound, Doubtful Sound, then onto Melbourne,  Adelaide then disembark back in Perth WA.
I so can't wait….
if the above is not incentive enough to lose the kilo's then I don't know what will. 
Mummy fed me...


  1. So sad to hear news like that. I hope your MIL is feeling a little better very soon.
    Fantastic news about the cruise!!!!\Plz work hard at losing the weight..I had 11 months to lose weight before mine..... hmmmm it didnt happen and then I gained 3 more kilos on the cruise!!!!
    I have a trip to sydney in july and want to lose weight before them as its to meet up with friends i did the cruise with and i want to look alot slimmer when they see me next!! AND I have a wedding in October to go to.... I want to look hot!!! Well at least better than i do
    Time to get out shite together !!! WE CAN DO IT!!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about the loss in the family, but congrats on booking the cruise, sounds exciting. Love the Mummy feed me pic :).

    Have an awesome week :)

  3. Sorry to hear about hubby's aunty. hope his mum's coping okay.

    Wahoo on the cruise. Maybe we might be able to catch up finally.

  4. Doubtful Sound is spectacular !! We went to Milford Sound the first time we went to NZ and then to Doubtful Sound the second time - we both absolutely loved it. Really magnificent - enjoy !!!!
    Have a great week.
    Me xox