Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Another week wasted...

This week has gone just so damn fast, the weekend even faster….and what have I done…just wasted it.
Beginning of the week I had got myself together, was following a program and felt good about myself and my efforts.
Come Thursday…visitors arrived for the big speedway weekend…and I was prepared, Thursday night dinner organised, as were meals for Friday. Saturday was rained out…so my mood turned the same and the pattern was set for a blow out.
Now I am disgusted with myself and my lack of restraint..I have plied myself with treats throughout  the day and consoled myself as only I can by eating junk. 
I now try to prepare myself with menu's for tomorrow and getting myself back on the wagon. 
Boy am I finding this hard, but if I want to make myself healthier and fitter I need too…its 11.5 months to our cruise.
I AM NOT A QUITTER…I can do this, just get to get through that first week and stay totally on track….and then I might remember how good that feeling is again. Keep on going like I am the weight is only get higher and its going to be harder and harder to get off.
Our friend Trev who was racing this weekend. He and another good  friend travelled down for the weekend and hubby and I were pit crew keeping him and the car on the track. 

Some of the cars that were racing…showing this one as the car in 4th position was crowned WA #1…he was rocket on the track and kept us enthralled with his neat, clean and fast driving….the car was a rocket on wheels….his crew had it singing!!!

And can't leave without the latest collage of our little William. 


  1. Hi

    Beautiful baby pics!

    Cheers Peta

  2. Oh no Jen - try to stick with it. I know exactly how you feel because i am in the same boat. I have had two days of cutting out sugar and only had healthy small portion meals and I have put on 1kg - go figure !
    Here's to a better few days for both of us.
    Me xox

  3. I am with you on this one too... i have so many things to look forward to and want to be slimmer for... but even as I type i am finishing off my salad wrap with some chocolate i found in the pantry!!! Arghhhh

  4. Good luck getting on track and staying there.
    William... OMG he's growing like a weed!