Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Love that smile

William and Pop

Our Easter Bunny William
Had a fantastic Easter weekend up in Geraldton with our friends. We went up for their sons surprise 30th birthday on the Saturday night.
Kylee and Garry called in on their way down to Perth to pick up the twins and asked if we would like William for the night…..ohhh yes we did!!!  
Such a happy little man…a delight to have.

Ate too much chocolate, drank too much wine….but now back on track, I hope...


  1. What a lovely Easter, chocolate, wine and babies - got to love that :)

  2. Ahhhhh wine and chocolate... if only they tasted disgusting....

  3. Awww William is GORGEOUS, and I am sure you loved having him overnight. We love having Miss Keera for weekends too.
    Chocolate... *sigh*... I'm still eating it! Can't seem to stop. Stress ... makes me eat shit.

  4. He is adorable. bet you loved having him. he's grown so much. I just loved you pics on facebook