Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Us and our best friends at their sons 30th birthday.

Love this pic…even an alright one of me considering the extra weight I am carrying. It was taken up at Geraldton at the surprise party we went to, Thomas  was really surprised, he had no idea the party had been organised….everyone kept the secret, his wife Leah who he is cuddling did a awesome job in organising it along with Thomas's sister Jemma who is with Leah in front.  Other than the band being too loud in the small venue we were in it was a top night. 

This saying I saw on the weight watchers site on Monday…and  it made me realise that I really need to do something instead of talking about it, talking about it is not working!!!! Then I saw a special deal that ww had going, so I raided my savings and clicked on the promotion and paid 3 months in advance, printed out the receipt then that evening I took myself off to a meeting. I have made a promise to myself that I am NOT going to waste my money, I am going to do this. I WILL attend every meeting and stay for the meetings. My leader is new, she went solo for the first time on Monday, I really liked her…her talk was quite inspiring. So for the first time in a long time I am feeling inspired.

Our wee William….I love this little man. And this weekend I get to have more cuddles. Kylee is coming down to pick up her furniture. Her and Garry are moving out of Garry's mums house….things are not too good there….and have rented their own place. 
Don't blame them actually, we weren't impressed with the cleaniness of the house when we moved them up there! Its going to make things very tight money wise but they'll get there. Kylee thinks its quite funny that she is actually an owner of her own house and yet has to rent!!  


  1. I saw that saying on the ww site too! I too have paid for the three months and am just into my second month - haven't lost what I was hoping to but I have lost and am in the right frame of mind. Your little grandson is soooooo cute,

  2. Cant comment on the above photo but I just wanted to say you look great!!! But congrats on joining ww for 3 months..i am joining a gym next week... time to get my shit together!!!