Friday, March 14, 2014

More bad days than good...

But I haven't given in…I will keep on persisting. The clothes are tight, make that very tight..and I refuse to buy any new ones in a bigger size.
And I now have more than my health to think about. Today, hubby and I went and organised our passports….as next year we are doing a cruise….look out New Zealand …. I am a coming to visit !!!  Excited much….
Now its just get my act together and just do it ehhh?  Easier said than done sometimes, but I am thankfully am stubborn so its just a matter of trying, trying and trying again till that good old mojo kicks in again. Hope its soon…sometimes I feel bloody ancient, I am just too heavy and my bones keep on telling me so.

Now to finish…..
 Wee little William having his first taste of veggies...
and one of those cute smiles of his that I miss …hasn't my little man grown so much?  I get to see him next month…...something else to get excited about.


  1. Awesome about the cruise, and you can do this - and got to love baby photos, so cute :)

  2. Omg!!! You will love the cruise!!! Where do you leave from and where are the stops??? Do you come into hobart too???

  3. Coming here! How exciting. You must let me know where/when etc so we can meet!
    William... OMG he's huge now! Adorable little man.