Thursday, April 16, 2015

A new week….

A good week for me, as well as a very busy one. Took on a extra shift plus had mother in law sick so had to step in and care for her too. Luckily Mum only had a day of being unable to care for herself. In the process of organising more home care help along with the other care she already receives. She is 90 in a few months and does not want to move out of her home. 

The little monkey below is growing in leaps and bounds….even started to say words we can understand too.

Kylee and Garry are in the process of moving house. The place they are renting is ok, but there is no yard for William to play in safely. And recently there was a cyclone up there way and their fence has fallen down and asbestos is laying in there yard. The owners are waiting for insurance to be organised before they do a clean up and make all the repairs needed… they found another house that is on more even ground, has an enclosed verandah and a big backyard for William to place safely in. 
Be more room for their fur babies too.

Today has been a cooler day and a "hungry" day for me. I hope I don't undo the great week I have just had, 1.4 of the 5 kilo's I put on has gone…..

Looked through my list of blogs I follow……everyone seems to be losing interest, only 3 of them are being used. Sad in a way, I love my blog and following others...

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  1. LIke you, I have a huge list of blogs that so many have stopped posting on. Facebook took over most of them. I love my blog and blogging...
    Sorry I've not been around much, life gets in the way of spending too much time actually reading other blogs!
    William is gorgeous, and he sure grew fast. Good idea for the kids to move... fancy leaving asbestos lying around! There should be a law against that sort of hazard happening.