Tuesday, April 07, 2015

I'm Back…...

a lot heavier, 5 kilo to be precise, but I am happy and relaxed, the holiday was the best.
This was taken at the Opera House on Saturday admiring the boat Celebrity Soltice which docked early that morning.

 The Three Sisters up in the Blue Mountains where a good friend of ours took us up to see on the Sunday.
 On Monday we boarded the boat and made ourselves comfy and at 7pm that evening we stood up on one of the decks and said goodbye to Sydney.
 Bye bye Sydney…..
….and below walking through the promenade on the boat. 
And this is Wellington, taken after we hopped off the famous cable car

 And the grapevines in the Picton area….wine wasn't too bad either.
 Us at the Purakunui Falls in the Catlins area with our friends who picked us up at our Dunedin stop. 

 The too beautiful Fiordes.
 The little dolphins that followed us through ….

As did these gorgeous big birds, they were  around most days. 

Now its home, I've nearly finished the unpacking….been busy making a scrapbook album of our trip as well as helping out with Teds mum who again is not all that well.  Holiday finished on Sunday, a shock to the system when I  had my first work shift….
The cruise was just wonderful and I can say 100% I will go cruising again….so will hubby. And New Zealand will be seeing us again, will be going again, would love to hire a camper and visit again. 

Bed time for me, work again tomorrow….


  1. Hi

    Your holiday looks great !



  2. I hope next time you cruise up here! I would have loved to see you.

  3. Loved our NZ cruise also... Solstice was our ship...(I think lol) They are amazing arent they!!!