Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Its a new day, another day of hoping that all will be fine….we have to hope.

I have had a bad week, been really struggling with my emotions, and me being me have hidden a lot of them by eating them. I have to try and stop that, have gained 1.2 kilo's this week. 

Son has had some radiation, has more today and he has been fitted with a port in his chest ready to start some chemotherapy…he will find out today when that starts. 

Our world has we knew it has been rocked. We are all struggling but doing our best to keep it together. We are a family…we are strong


  1. Oh - so shocked. Life sucks and is just not fair. I don't very often read blogs now days but just happened to click on yours tonight. Thinking of you and your family. Anne - Palm North

  2. My heart cries in sympathy with you and your family's pain, my prayers are with you all and my shoulder is here for you to lean on whenever you need...

    Thinking of you all...

    Anne (lose2live)