Tuesday, June 09, 2015


And the answer is me, me, ME !!

I have tried this once before but I just didn't get it. 
This time around, I am learning as I go…I have made a few bad choices, but on the whole I am finding it easy….and I am enjoying my food more and staying full longer.
Tomorrow I have a early start and on my breakfast break I am trying porridge for the first time since I was a kid. Everyone says its filling and tasty so I am going to give it go….can only try can't I? Used to eat it as a kid, I ate it then, so surely I can now…tomorrow morning I will know. 

I weighed this morning…and I have lost 1.9, and that was hopping off on and on the scales 3 or 4 times as I thought it had to be wrong. 
So I have 5 weeks to go before we head off on hols again… hopefully I can lose at least another 2 maybe 3 kilo's by then, BUT I am not putting any pressure on myself. I am just going to keep following this plan and get a few good long walks in. 

Nearly bedtime, a 4.30am alarm for me…but before I go just another thank you to Anni, without you telling me to give it a go heck knows where I would be,  I wasn't in a very good place for a while there. 

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