Wednesday, September 09, 2015

good days, bad days

Well, my week started real well…..I followed the filling and healthy plan to the letter for over a week…no mishaps whatsoever and felt really good. My clothes felt looser and I knew it was working and the weight was coming off.
THEN Paul collapsed and Tanya had to get the ambulance in to stabilise him and get him to hospital…and I hit a wall and the last 2 days I have been out of control. 
He had been feeling blahhhh since his Nanna's 90th and unfortunately as the week went on he got worse, he has trouble with food at the best of times but it got that way he was hardly eating at all, and his weight was getting too low.…so much so he couldn't have his "red devil" chemo on the Friday. 
But his haemoglobin levels are slowing getting back to where they should be after a few blood and iron transfusions so hopefully he may be able to get out of hospital this afternoon. 

I am not giving up…Paul hasn't….he ain't a quitter and nor am I 

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  1. Can not even begin to understand what you are going through, so hard to stay on track, when things keep happening around you with people you love. Love the picture up the top, it puts it into perspective :) Take care xx